ACCRA Project is finished (2016-2020)


The objective of the ACCRA robotic solutions is to improve or maintain the level of autonomy, to secure the daily lives and to promote the maintenance of socialisation of the elderly people with loss of autonomy.


The mission of ACCRA is to enable the development of advanced ICT Robotics based solutions for extending active and healthy ageing in daily life by defining, developing and demonstrating an agile co-creation development process.



This solution consists in a robotics mobility application for ageing focusing on walking support. It focuses on a specific service which is to maintain the walking capacity.


The aim of the Daily Life solution is to facilitate everyday life in the context of ageing, with a focus on household chores. The objectives of the application are to promote behaviours that support ageing well, such as decision-making, hydration and social links.


The socialisation solution focuses on conversation. The ACCRA application will explore and assess interactions schemes where user’s internal curiosity displayed in normal life is exercised during interactions.


Need Study

identify needs and investigating the context in which the applications will be used that is to say needs and …


By placing users in the centre of the innovation process, the aim of this step in ACCRA is to design a robotic solution


The experimentation consist in testing the robotics solutions in a real context by a larger group of end users …

Sustainability Analysis

The last phase consist in defining the potential market for the robotics solutions, and assessing the large scale impact …



Astro is an assistive smart robotic platform dedicated to mobility and user interaction. It has been designed for moving within unstructured home and residence environments …


Buddy is the physically the opposite of Astromobile. It is a small-size robot and designed as a companion home. The Development Tools (SDK), based on the Open-Source …

BBC Interview – The technologies that could transform Ageing

Antonio Kung was interviewed by the BBC: Antonio Kung is CEO of Trialogue, an innovation technology company based in France. In 2016, he...

Joint Meeting in Kyoto of Accra Consortium

TRIALOG conducted together with his ACCRA project partners the first review / audit of the project which took place in Kyoto, Japan on 22 February 2018. The first year of the project was dedicated to the transition from the study of needs to the technical...

Conversation Cocreation Meeting in Italy

First Cocreation meeting about Socialisation in Italy, in the facilities of IRCCS. This time Buddy has interacted with the users in Italian and play some of the services in developing. 30th January 2018 San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

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