Agile CoCreation of Robots for Ageing

The mission of ACCRA is to enable the development of advanced ICT Robotics based solutions for extending active and healthy ageing in daily life by defining, developing and demonstrating an agile co-creation development process. To this end, a four-step methodology (need study, co-creation, experimentation, sustainability analysis) will be defined and applied in three applications (support for walking, housework, conversation rehabilitation) and assessed in France, Italy, Netherlands and Japan. The three applications will be based on a FIWARE platform integrating a number of enablers including features of universAAL and supporting two robotics solutions, Astro (Robot) and Buddy (Robot companion). The MAST impact assessment framework will be used integrating the following dimensions: user perceptions, user outcomes, ELSI, economic aspects, technical aspects, organizational aspects.

ASTRO Robot from Project Robot-era

ACCRA is a joint European-Japanese initiative including a multidisciplinary team of 6 European partners (Trialog, U.Paris-Dauphine, Blue Frog Robotics, U.Erasmus Rotterdam, Scuola superior Sant-Anna Pisa, Fondazione casa sollievo della sofferenza) and 3 Japanese partners (U.Kyoto, U.Kobe, ConnectDot). The project has a three-year duration. It is structured to allow for balanced contribution and efficient synergistic collaboration between Europe and Japan


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